When lunch or dinner plans call for something a little more exotic than usual, fresh and fragrant Thai food is always the answer. And in those times of need, head to Street Bangkok Local Food. Taking inspiration from the Bangkok street food scene, these guys bring a taste of the hawker stands here to Paris.

The fiery, fragrant, fresh creed

Fiery, fragrant and fresh are buzzwords you'll find peppering this menu. You'll get dishes that tick one box or the other, and then there's delights like the Wat Pho Crispy Pork that checks off all three. You'll find crunchy rice with fresh, zingy herbs, fiery red curry paste and fragrant ginger, all teamed up with minced pork.

If that doesn't pack enough of a punch for you, we love the Jarret & Riz for when we're after the spice. You'll find a beef shank that's been cooked for five hours with star anise, cinnamon, sichuan chilli and Thai mustard leaves, for an unforgettable bowlful of flavour.

Bangkok charm in Paris

After years of studying and living the good life in Bangkok, restaurant owner Normand Kolton returned home. Determined to give Parisians a taste of the food he'd sampled from Thailand's vibrant street food markets, he opened Street Bangkok Local Food on rue Eugène Varlin and never looked back. Although it's street food, no corners are cut here. Ja Eauchiarkiaty, former chef at the prestigious Mandarin Oriental hotel in Bangkok, heads up operations in the kitchen, so you know you're going be served the good stuff.

Heady market mix

One of the most popular dishes is the Chicken Grill & Rice, tender chicken breast marinated in coconut milk, turmeric and tamarind, a homemade satay sauce and Thai rice. It's really no surprise that this well-balanced delight is topping off the menu. And choosing what to order is made easy with the simple menu format. Fancy protein and rice? Choose from the Sukhumvit menu, where  grilled poultry, meat or fish is served with a zingy sauce and Thai rice.

Fancy something lighter? Explore the Wat Pho section, with all sorts of great soup and salad combinations. Hungry? Try a combination of all three dishes from the Chatuchak section. When we need sustenance, we opt for the Sukhumvit Chicken & Rice + Wat Pho pork salad for a top Thai feast. And if you still somehow have space, order the mango coco dessert. Using the same recipe as the Mandarin Oriental in Bangkok, this combination of fresh mango, coconut and sticky rice is pure luxury.

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