For an instant hit of flavour and fun from the Big Apple, look no further than Parisian favourite, Little Apple. Known primarily for its show-stopping burgers, this little restaurant also dishes up inventive salads, crisp shoestring fries, and exciting desserts.

Claimed by its fans to serve the best burger in Paris, Little Apple prides itself on its quirky style, its simple but gourmet menu, and the locally sourced high-quality produce. The brioche burger buns come from a nearby family bakery, and the famous baked cheesecake is made by celebrated Parisian patissier Jacques Génin.

Passion makes perfection

The people behind Little Apple know burgers. They know how important it is to get the right bun – soft, glossy and ever so slightly sweet for optimum toasting. They know how to layer up the toppings to make explosive flavour and texture combinations.

But most of all, they know meat. They choose fine, aged French beef with the right ratio of fat. They mince it to the perfect consistency. They season it beautifully. And they cook it with passion and care that you can taste in every bite.

A burger odyssey

What better place to discover every incarnation of a burger than the USA? According to popular legend, hamburgers were first served by Fletcher Davis in the 1880s from his modest cafe in Athens, Texas. His combination of grilled beef patty served between bread with pickles, mustard and onion has proved so popular it is now a global phenomenon.

The owner of Little Apple spent a lot of time researching what makes a great burger by travelling in the US on a burger pilgrimage, sampling many and varied examples wherever he went. New York City was his favourite testing ground, and rumour has it that he has an almost encyclopaedic knowledge of the NYC burger scene. So we're lucky he's brought that back to Paris.

Pick and mix

All that research has paid off, with carefully considered combinations that taste divine. Little Apple offers just eight burger options, plus three fresh salads, two sides and four desserts.

Choose from a standard hamburger or have it accessorised with either avocado, bacon, cheese or truffle, some of which are served with their renowned signature sauce. There is also a juicy chicken burger, a vegetarian option with a succulent mushroom instead of beef, and a decadent lobster burger.

And to finish up, what could be better than dessert? Go for the baked cheesecake to keep things NYC style, or plump for the Little Apple Pie for a taste of the countryside. Burgers and apple pie – what could be more American?

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