Schwartz's Deli brings true New York delicatessen style with a touch of urban revival. Few things capture the spirit of 60s New York City better than a deli. A little corner of kosher, Schwartz's is all hot dogs, pastrami, burgers and wings – American classics and generous portions. Get some of that red-checked table cloth magic brought to your door, and enjoy hip food in the chilliest surroundings of all – home.

New York style

From chunky hot sandwiches and loaded burgers to tender steaks and salads – you name it, Schwartz's Deli serves it. A must-try is the Reuben, a mountain of dried beef squeezed between two slices of bread, served with fries and a little pot of Emmental fondue.

The hot dog also offers strong competition, along with a multitude of burgers to choose from – 11 to be exact. From classic cheeseburger to avocado, or even the Rossini – steak, foie gras, rocket and port sauce for a fancier take on the classic. All of these can be washed down with a refreshing can of Budweiser, Coca-Cola or Dr Pepper.

Tasty bits of history

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Schwartz's Deli is one of the oldest and most famous deli-style restaurants in Paris. The cured meat is critical to the restaurant's success, and staff credit the unique flavour of their smoked meat to the mandatory 10-day meat curing time. Nothing here is rushed – it's all about care and attention.

There's three locations across Paris – in Trocadéro, Ternes and Marais – so it's always easy to enjoy a little taste of the Big Apple. Eat some of the best food from the City That Never Sleeps in our own City of Light.

Fresh fruit and meat free

If you're not a meat-lover, then you're also in luck. Schwartz's Deli has plenty of dishes which cater to you. Try the tasty Veggie Burger, with quinoa steak, crushed tomatoes, rocket and guacamole and a choice of fresh salads. Or go for the smoked fish plate – mixed herring, smoked salmon, marinated anchovies, tarama, tzatziki and a grilled bagel.

Top the lot with a fresh strawberry salad served with red fruit coulis, or else some juicy, thirst-quenching pineapple. Finally, there's their ice cream too. With vanilla, strawberry, mango, chocolate or lemon flavours to try, you're spoilt for choice.

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