Let a slice of the underworld send your taste buds over the edge tonight – order in a Lucky Luciano. The dark chicness of Sicilian mafia culture combines with the vibrant beauty of Neapolitan pizza to create discs of deliciousness waiting to be delivered to your doorstep – all you have to do is order in the hit.

Authentically Italian

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The Al Capone is a perfect example of Lucky Luciano's attention to detail to sourcing fresh ingredients as well as presentation. The mozzarella tying everything together is 100% Italian, as are all their other cheeses. Evocative aromas of garlic, onion and tomato paired with unpretentious, authentic presentation transports you to pizza's Neapolitan roots in one bite.

There's a simple, rustic elegance to every Lucky Luciano pizza. Slices of delicately charred aubergine and courgette circle just-melted mozzarella on the Tartufo. A scattering of fresh cherry tomatoes sprinkled in Parmesan adds zing and play off the smooth rich truffle cream. In true Neapolitan tradition, the visual effect is a festive riot of colour.  

If you like straddling the line between sweet and savoury, we love the Di Pietro – mozzarella, gorgonzola and thin slivers of pear, with a fine scatter of pine-scented rosemary needles.              

A Neapolitan base

Delicious toppings mean nothing without the support of a perfect pizza base. Fortunately, Lucky Luciano have a unique way of preparing their dough here, using a small amount of yeast in their recipe.

Using exclusively Italian flour and a longer-than-average proving time results in a classically Neapolitan base. It gives a light, pillow-soft, yet crispy crust.  

Not just about pizza

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If you don't fancy pizza tonight, don't worry – dishes such as the Tuono salad are main events in their own right, visually inviting and always deliciously fresh. You won't be hungry an hour after this one, with slabs of Italian ricotta sitting happily alongside large flakes of tuna, juicy black olives, sharp capers, juicy tomatoes and the crunch of fresh salad leaves.

The calzones are neat flour-dusted parcels of warm Italian perfection. Crack through the four-day-aged dough crust and the Napoletano greets you with steamy wafts of tomato, mozzarella and ricotta. The combination of soft, sweet textures tie in perfectly with the savoury saltiness of salami, creating yet another deliciously hearty Lucky Luciano classic.  

If authentically made Neapolitan pizzas created with fresh Italian ingredients are your passion, then it's time to be a wise guy. Let Lucky Luciano and Deliveroo take care of business tonight.

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