If you're craving fresh, flavorsome, Japanese cuisine in the heart of Paris tonight, look no further than Mizushi. They've got a hefty menu, with all the sashimi, temaki, skewers and sushi of your dreams – plus a bit more too. It's not quantity over quality though – these guys are all about fresh, awesome, authentic eats.

Decisions, decisions

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So how are you going to choose? Don't worry, Mizushi thought of that, offering up all sorts of goodies on their curated Gourmet Trays.

We love the Cali tray, and this one is great if you've got a sushi newbie in the group. The hand rolled rice is moist and sprinkled in sesame seeds – salmon sits alongside cream cheese in one, avocado in another, both delicate, light bites of freshness. You'll also find a slice of tuna steak met with mayonnaise to create a fishy, creamy delight neatly broken up by crunches of sesame.

The aptly named Delicious platter offers up a few more surprises. Soft slices of avocado wrap up slices of salmon, as though the regular sushi filling has been turned inside out. You'll also find salmon and cream cheese rolled in white rice and fried onion – the delicate fish contrasts with the almost smoky sweetness of the onion through the rice which, tried after a creamy avocado roll, offers a perfect textural contrast.

Roll over

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Mizushi has been offering up fresh takes on classic Japanese cuisine in Paris since it opened a few years ago. And although it may seem that they're just sushi-crazy here, they actually get their name from the word Makizushi meaning 'filled roll'. So while hearty mains, moreish sides and dreamy desserts all feature, it's the rolls that are the star of the show.

They've got whole sections of the menu dedicated to the rolled goodness, so you're guaranteed to find something you love. Explore the Salmon section and find it paired with avocado, egg, cheese and chives. We love literally anything from the Crunch section, where everything is bundled up in crispy sweet fried onions – find turkey, cheese and spicy salmon. 

The supporting cast

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We know, we know, Japanese food isn't just about sushi. Mizushi know that too, with a whole host of other delights on offer. Find teriyaki chicken, lacquered pork or grilled eel served up with a zingy sauce and rice. Or head for the Yakitori section for all sorts of meaty wonders. We love the Yakitori Menu Mixed for a variety of goodies – you'll find skewers with chicken, beef, chicken dumpling and cheese served up with soup and rice for good measure.

The good news doesn't stop there, Mizushi have also got a whole host of dessert sushi on offer too – so even if you're not a fan of the whole raw fish-rice combination, you'll love this. Keep things simple with the California Maki Choco, or mix it up and add in some extra banana or mango.

For those times when only Japanese food will do, check out Mizushi's menu here on Deliveroo.

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