Gourmet salads, loaded bagels, Italian piadinas – DS Café is bringing a breath of fresh air to healthy eating. This hip restaurant offers up a burst of fresh and colourful flavours from its two Paris locations, so eating healthy doesn't have to mean eating boring.

Fresh and inviting

We can't talk about this place without mentioning their salads – these curated creations will make you forget everything you think you know about salads. Take the Crispy Quinoa as an example, where you'll find green spinach shoots with grilled chicken, avocado, crispy onion and sweet honey sauce – this is a salad that means business. They do a veggie-friendly version of this delight too.

We love the Sweet Sashimi though, which packs in edamame, avocado, spinach shoots, green salad, raw salmon and goji berries with a honey sauce. This dish has all the tastes of classic Japanese cooking, served up super light, healthy and flavourful.

Take a trip of world flavours

DS Café opened its doors in 2002, and has been serving up its healthy goodies to the people of Paris ever since. And they must have been onto something, people loved it so much that a second location popped up, and we don't think they're stopping there.

The vibe here is classic, continental and gourmet. Alongside being absolutely jam-packed with nutrients, superfoods and all sorts of other ingredients, DS Café's dishes are thought up with the aim to 'invite your tastebuds to travel around the world'. So go for the Chinese salad, the Norwegian inspired bagel or the Italian packed flatbreads to get an idea of what they mean.  

The usual suspects

Alongside their impressive range of salads, you'll recognise the classics here too. We love the homemade club pastrami sandwich on toasted bread with pastrami, pickles, American mustard, green salad and coleslaw. If you like the star-spangled inspiration, there's also bagels up for grabs, go for the Californian where grilled chicken, mayonnaise, avocado, tomato and potato salad piled onto a chewy bagel.

Just because these guys are about all things healthy, that doesn't mean they neglect all of you with a sweet tooth out there. From the more virtuous Greek Yoghurt with honey and granola to the all out indulgent Oreo Tiramisu, there's something for all tastes here. We love the Cheesecake with Red Fruit Coulis though, for vibrant, tangy sauce that cuts through the creamy topping with every bite.

Healthy eating has never looked so good. Check out DS Café's menu here on Deliveroo.

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