When food is incredibly humble and comes from the heart, you can always taste it. At Paris Hanoï, everything is served up with a dash of love and a splash of passion. Whipping up Vietnamese staples like chicken with caramel and mouthwatering pho, the brothers behind this business know good food.

Fresh flavours, authentic recipes and insane taste

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Each dish you get here is served up with a serious side of style. This finesse makes each a literal work of art, looking almost too good to eat – almost. That's until you get to the taste. They're all about authenticity here, bringing the sights, smells and tastes of Vietnam right here to Paris.  

Take their Lemonelle Chicken. This sweet and sticky dish matches fresh flavours with incredible ingredients for a true taste sensation. Served with fluffy rice and a selection of vegetables on the side, it's the perfect balance between light and hearty. To top it off, a spring roll entree order is the perfect crispy companion.

A family affair with gourmet roots

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Paris Hanoï isn't just a restaurant, it's a family business with cracking cuisine at the core. Three Vietnamese brothers – along with a food-loving father – are the folks behind the magic here. And they've got the foodie passion in their blood. Starting in 1996 as a humble sandwich shop serving up all things Vietnamese, and using native ingredients and ancient family recipes, they were an instant success. A later move to Rue de Charonne saw the start of Paris Hanoï.

Yearly trips to Vietnam keep these three brothers on their toes, constantly innovating the authentic flavours that the people keep coming back for – twists on the classic and unexpected surprises are what keep Paris Hanoï in demand. The Tom Bun Nem is just one of their iconic delights – vermicelli rice noodles are stirred with raw veggies, succulent shrimp and a peanut finish for a true taste of Vietnam.

Mouthwatering meats and sensational salads

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Whether you opt for a classic chicken curry with a punchy finish or a selection of shrimp, you know you're onto a winner. Paris Hanoï gets that combination of tender and flavourful balanced just right, every single time. And for a creative edge on a classic recipe, the caramelised meatball dish is a street food dream.

But don't just think each dish is all about beef and rice. At Paris Hanoï, you've got incredible salads taking centre stage too. Who says a full meal has to be the usual rice, meat and curry combination? By mixing healthy salad with their innovative flavour medleys, you can have the best of both worlds – a salad with everything from Chicken Caramel to sautéed shrimp to beef and onions.

For a traditional Vietnamese feast with your friends or a light lunch for one, make your order from Paris Hanoï and let Deliveroo bring it to you.

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