Pitaya brings a new type of 'fast food' to France. Though it has all the hallmarks of a quick bite – a focused menu, speedy service and dishes cooked by the minute – Pitaya's food tastes far from 'fast'. Cooked to order and packed with fresh ingredients and the aromatic, complex flavours of Thai cuisine, these dishes will make you feel like you're in the streets of Bangkok from the first bite.

Big plates, big flavour

Authenticity, creativity, freshness and healthiness are the four pillars that Pitaya operates on, and you can taste it in every mouthful. The menu is made up of big plates of bouncy noodles, crisp vegetables, marinated meats and fluffy white rice. Although it's a concise list of goodies that's waiting for you here, the 14 classic, street food-inspired dishes they whip up here are always awesome. You'll find stir fries that are sweet, sour and spicy all at once, curries that are creamy yet fragrant, and noodle dishes that are hearty and healthy.

Just check out the Bo Bun Thai for a great example of one of their fresh, authentic dishes. Crisp vegetables are tossed with cold rice vermicelli, a zingy homemade sauce and lemongrass marinated sliced beef.

Masterchef star

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Thai cuisine has been growing in popularity in France, which might explain why Pitaya is dishing up its goodies from no less than 20 locations across the country this year…

It all started when the Guclu brothers fell in love with Thailand and its food while travelling. In need of a little help to make Pitaya a reality, they approached Nathalie Nguyen, a chef who not only started France's first Asian cuisine food truck, but who also reached national fame on the popular cooking show Masterchef. So Nathalie uses all her foodie knowledge to come up with the fast, fresh eats that's made Pitaya what they are today.

The best Thai export

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No Thai restaurant would be complete without a good portion of pad thai, and it also makes for a good standard of how any restaurant's other Thai-inspired dishes will measure up.

The pad thai here at Pitaya is everything you want it to be – filling, authentic and bursting with flavours. The flat rice noodles are cooked with eggs, giving them a denser and richer taste. It's served up with wok fried shrimp and crunchy vegetables, all coated in a incredibly fragrant concoction of sweet and sour tamarind, salty fish sauce, spicy garlic, pungent shallots and a sprinkling of hot red chilli pepper. Topped off with a squeeze of lime, and roasted crushed peanuts, this is a dish you'll order again and again.

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