There's nothing quite like a good old-fashioned burger – a grilled patty packed into a bun and crowned with any topping you can think up – it's just a classic. And the last thing you want is to be disappointed with your choice, so we've rounded up a few great burger spots here in France that'll never let you down. Here's our countdown… 5. Big Fernand

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All the richness and depth that you associate with French flavours can be yours at Big Fernand, who like to give their homemade burgers a European touch. Here, it's their Philibert burger that's proved to be the most popular – chicken marinated in a zingy house sauce, topped with sweet grilled peppers, layers of Tomme de Savoie cheese, Fernand Tonton Sauce and a dash of tarragon.

Where: Big Fernand, various locations

4. Edmond Pure Burger

If you'd like something fresh from the barbecue, Edmond Pure Burger is the place for you. Here, they serve up their patties straight from the barbecue, sub in a layer of sweet caramelised onions, a few slices of raclette, some succulent smoked pork breast and a few sprinklings of fresh chive.

Where: Edmond Pure Burger, two locations in Bordeaux

3. Little Apple

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What makes these guys special is their unique take on stateside flavours – even their name is a reference to all things American. Their Truffle burger is one of the most popular item on their menu, and we can see why – a traditional grilled beef patty is met with provolone, arugula and a rich truffle sauce.

Where: Little Apple, Paris

2. Kokomo

They also keep the American theme over at Kokomo too, but it's their vegetarian take on this US classic that has been top of the takeaway orders here. In the Field burger you get a unique blend of a Portobello mushroom coated in breadcrumbs, melted cheddar, lettuce and a touch of basil, sandwiched between an organic flour bun.

Where: Kokomo, Bordeaux

1. Le Ruisseau

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Top of our list has got to be Le Ruisseau, not just for their incredible food, but the sheer selection of burgers to choose from. They've taken the humble burger to new heights – literally, as you can get towering double burgers that seem to defy gravity. Like their Double Spicy BBQ Cheddar burger, with huge beef patties, lashings of BBQ sauce and all covered in gooey molten cheddar.

Where: Le Ruisseau, two locations in Paris

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