The humble hamburger has been tantalising our taste buds for generations, but it's the BBQ burger that's got people talking. This takeaway favourite has all the mouth-watering flavours of a classic stateside barbecue, packed into an easy-to-hold bun.

For the traditional American version, order from Burger Fermier Gambetta or the Hardwood Burger Bar – they'd both argue they make the finest barbecue sauce and homemade buns in France, but only you can decide, while French Burgers go a little healthier.

A German invention?

Although burgers have become synonymous with American cuisine, their origins stretch all the way back to 18th century Germany. We may never know who came up with the original hot meat sandwich, but the story goes that it was first included in the cookery book, The Art of Cookery Made Plain and Easy, written by Hannah Glasse in 1758.

Instructions to create the original Hamburgh Sausage suggested serving our beloved patty 'roasted with toasted bread under it'. And the dish has been delighting people of all ages around the world ever since, but never more so than when it's paired with that instantly recognisable barbecue sauce.

What's the secret to the sauce?

Traditionally, barbecue sauce is used as a condiment rather than a marinade. When it comes to burgers, you'll usually find it added at the end of the grilling process, so the burger patty doesn't lose its crisp outer coating. There are dozens of sauce variations too – the South American equivalent is named chimichurri warming your throat with its chilli heat.

In Australia however, it's like the American version – a dark brown, sweet sauce you'll find on most dining tables, with a base of tomato, brown sugar and Worcestershire sauce.

French favourites

There may be plenty of flavour combinations available for BBQ burgers, but in France, it's the richness of the traditional American sauce that people crave. Burger Fermier Gambetta's take has become a bestseller, with fresh artisan bread piled high with a grilled, ground steak burger, molten cheese, caramelised onion compote, crispy bacon and onion fritters.

However, if you're looking for something a little healthier, the Hardwood Burger Bar pride themselves on their nutritious BBQ alternative, with handmade brioche buns and patties topped with a selection of crunchy salad goodies, including lettuce, tomato and red onion.

And when you crave that charcoal-grilled flavour without the mess, try Le Plantagenêt from French Burgers  – here you'll find a 200g beef steak topped with gooey cheese and salty bacon, alongside a red onion chutney, avocado and pickled beets.

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