American or Belgian, savoury or sweet, topped with cheese or cherries – however you prefer your waffles, we'd bet that it's one of your favourite dishes. This anytime delight has become a popular dish across the globe – all you need is a simple batter and then you can bundle on almost any topping you can think of. Just check out what they pack on their waffles over at French Waffle, La Crème De Paris and Waffle & Coffee.

Back where it all began

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It might seem strange that a simple mixture pressed between two irons could produce such a wave of culinary inspiration across the world, but ever since the first waffle recipe was penned in the late 14th century, it's been going down a storm. Replicated and refined across the world, people of all cultures have been tucking into waffles for years.

From America to Hong Kong, you'll find different takes on our humble waffle all over the globe. Even over in Vietnam they get in on the fun, although coconut milk and pandan are used as signature ingredients, meaning their waffles take on a distinctive bright green colour.

The best street food in town

From all the different global takes, it's the Belgian kind that's the cool kid of the waffle world. Despite its name, it is in fact an American recipe that's a thicker version of the original Brussels waffle. But these batter-y delights have been knocking around for a lot longer than the versions that we know and love today.

Throwback to mediaeval times, sometime around the 9th century, and irons were used to imprint biblical scenes on communion wafers. And while you won't find religious imagery on your waffles today, the method of sizzling batter between irons has stayed almost the same.

Waffles served French-style

At French Waffle, their signature recipe is a thick, crisp, sweet waffle studded with gooey, toasted marshmallows and giant chocolate chips before being drizzled with molten chocolate. Or, if you'd like a touch of something fruity with your waffles, order the Nutella-smothered version, layered with fresh strawberries and finished with flakes of almond that you can get over at La Crème De Paris.

If you prefer savoury goodies, head to Waffle & Coffee. They use fresh cream as a base on a large crisp waffle, before layering soft goat's cheese and grated cheddar on top and finishing with juicy chunks of tomato.

Savoury or sweet, waffles always hit the spot. Explore your options here on Deliveroo.

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