It's mid-morning. The paperwork piled on your desk is starting to resemble Tour Montparnasse. And your stomach just rumbled. So there's only one thing for it – it's time to order in a bagel.

Nothing re-energises your soul like the aroma of freshly baked bagels – and there's no place better to get your fix than Mo'Bagels. Everything's prepared on site, and their wide range of fillings takes these doughy delights to the next level.

The rise of the bagel

It's generally suggested the invention of the bagel dates back to an anonymous Jewish baker in 16th century Austria. Having just saved the Austrians from a Turkish invasion, King John III of Poland was revered in bagel form, the shape of a stirrup – AKA abügel in German – honouring his excellent equestrian ability.

And the people started showing bagels the love they deserved in the 1880s, with the mass-production techniques of next few decades bringing humble bagel to a national audience. Today the bagel is a global favourite, enjoyed everywhere from New York thoroughfares to Parisian side streets.

Go classic New York City-style with a plain bagel filled with smoked salmon and cream cheese, or push the boat out and order the Jambon de Pays - Chèvre. A smooth layer of cream cheese provides the perfect bed for thin cuts of salty ham. These play off against pickled peppers and honey while goats cheese brings back the savoury. Everything's punctuated by peppery rocket.

The key to a fresh bagel

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So while the bagel's trademark hole and rise to prominence is fairly easy to plot, but it's less clear where their unique texture – from boiling the dough – comes from.

Boiling bagels before they're baked creates the uniquely dense yet spongy texture that we know and love on the inside, and the firmer crust outside. Crucially, Mo'Bagels are freshly baked every day, so yours will be shiny and hard on the outside, soft and chewy on the inside and, when squeezed, feel light and springy.

Savoury or sweet?

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Mo'Bagels' carefully considered range of savoury and sweet fillings set them apart from the crowd. From ingredient to filling choice, what these guys don't know about bagels isn't worth knowing. Take the top-selling poppy seed pastrami, for example. Creamy avocado leads into crunchy red onion, tangy pickles and sweet honey mustard. Tender strips of pastrami tie everything together leaving you in little doubt – you're in the hands of bagel connoisseurs.

The beauty of the bagel is their equal footing in both savoury and sweet camps – and Mo'Bagels take full advantage of this with their desserts. That dense, spongy interior is the perfect partner to the bagel filled with peanut butter, creamy Nutella or sweet Specaloos-spiced cookie butter. Served in a plain bagel, it provides just the right hit of sweetness and provides the perfect de-stressing coffee companion to that mid-morning office rush.

Look no further than Mo'Bagels for your roll with a hole today. Order al desko with Deliveroo,

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