Crunchy shell or soft? Tacos are hard to beat if you're looking for a takeaway that's big on flavour, but easy to eat on the go. This hand-held Mexican dish has never been more popular, and it's all down to the sheer variety on offer.

If you're in need of a larger-than-life lunch, Chilam – Mexican Tacos serve their creations starting from 11.30 am, while Tito Burritos pack a punch with classic combinations and zingy sauces. And if you want authentic flavours, head for Taco Taco – where the tacos are so good, they're in the name twice.

An edible bowl

The indigenous people of Mexico have been enjoying tacos for centuries, with records suggesting that they were traditionally filled with small fish. Fast-forward to present day, and you'll find tacos just about anywhere, not to mention all sorts of variations.  

While Tacos al Pastor are made with thin seasoned pork steaks that are skewered together during the cooking process, Tacos de Lengua are made with beef tongue slow cooked until tender, in water infused with onions, garlic and bay leaves. But nowadays, the most popular fillings you'll find are steak, chicken, pork and sizzled vegetables.

Taco trends

One of the reasons why tacos have exploded in popularity is that they're completely customisable – you can so easily make the taco of your dreams. No matter what cuisine you prefer, change up a taco's contents to suit your palate. Vegetarian, carnivore, vegan – everyone can get in on the fun with this one. Perhaps that's why you'll find such different takes on the simple taco throughout the world.

In America for example, the taco has been repurposed as a breakfast version, stuffed with meat, fried eggs, mushrooms, tomatoes and even baked beans. This is one fusion food that we keep coming back to.

Which taco takeaway is for you?

Breakfast, lunch and dinner – get your taco at any time of the day, just switch up the filling. Chilam – Mexican Tacos understands this too. Go for tequila-flambeed prawn and avocado for a light but hearty lunch, or opt for the vegan Frijolitos for a protein-rich evening meal.

If you're looking to try a variety of flavour combinations though, check out Tito Burritos. Try their dish of three tacos including minced beef, marinated chicken and grilled chorizo, each with a unique blend of Mexican spices. And Taco Taco's triple taco hit works wonders too, especially when filled with savoury tuna or piled high with jalapenos and salsa verde.

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