Healthy, refreshing and flavoursome, the Vietnamese bo bun has revolutionised the simple salad. And it's been a huge hit here in France, with plenty of places getting in on the bo bun fun. You'll find bo buns packed with meat or a fragrant medley of mint, onions, carrots and soya beans over at Petit Cambodge – and if that doesn't float your boat, you're sure to find your dream bun at La Boite A Bobun and Le Bon Bobun.

Reinventing the salad

Vietnamese cuisine is known for making the most of simple, fresh ingredients and turning them into true flavour sensations. You'll more often than not find dishes packed with seasonal vegetables, and sporting a not-so-subtle blend of herbs and vegetables.

It's no wonder that Vietnamese eats are considered one of the healthiest in the world – and the bo bun is no exception. It's usually served up chilled to enhance the flavour, and typically features vermicelli rice noodles, cooked beef and raw vegetables for that signature crunchy texture, all brought together with a fish sauce.

Bo bun bars

While you might think of a Vietnamese takeaway and spicy curries and fresh seafood spring to mind, there's so much more. You'll find bo bun bars just about everywhere nowadays, from France to across the rest of the world. People can't get enough of this dish. And we think it's something to do with the holy trinity it boasts: flavour, freshness and healthiness.

But why the bo bun? What makes it so special? Well, apart from the incredible aroma and moreish nature of this dish, it's also super easy to make. Meat is marinated in a zingy nuoc mam (fish sauce) based mix – usually sporting herbs such as lemongrass, coriander and garlic – then it's all fried up with noodles and fresh veg.

Finding Vietnam in France

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Like all of the best dishes, there's plenty of variations knocking around. For example, the chefs at La Boite A Bobun offer up a traditional beef version if you're looking for a true taste of Vietnam, but they also serve a super modern chicken teriyaki version with scented rice and peanuts too.

They also whip up a beef version over at Petit Cambodge, but we love their Bobun Vegetarian, where an onion fondue and soybeans are subbed in. And at Le Bon Bobun, they offer up a shrimp take on the dish to let those seafood flavours sing.

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