Mexican cuisine is the gift that keeps on giving. Tacos, nachos and – of course – the burrito, they're all firmly up there as some of the world's favourites foods. And it's hard to beat a burrito. Rolled up and full of all our favourite things, that exactly what you get over at Taco Memo, Fresh Burritos and Tito Burritos.

Bundles of joy

Everyone knows how it goes – your toppings are laid on a floury tortilla, it's rolled and tucked, and it's good to go. It's the toppings where things get really exciting. Though in a traditional Mexican version you'd often just find refried beans filling up your tortilla, in the Tex-Mex ones that we know and love you'll get just about anything. Chicken, pulled pork, steak, vibrant vegetarian-friendly medleys – you name it, it'll go great in a burrito bundle.

A culinary mystery

The burrito's origins are a bit fuzzy – no one actually knows how it came into being. In Mexico and America there are any number of tales about farmers, street vendors and cooks who came up with this delicious treat. The one clue we can really be sure of is the meaning of the word itself, burrito comes from the Spanish for 'little donkey'.This tends to back up Juan Méndez's claim to fame, a guy who sold tacos wrapped up in tortillas to keep them warm off the back of his donkey sometime around the start of the 19th century.

Built your way

Here in France, there are loads of great places getting in on the burrito fun. We love the Burrito Salsa Sesamo that they whip up over at Taco Memo. Here, alongside the classic rice, red beans and your choice of meat are cooked up in a homemade sauce of tomato and grilled sesame seeds, giving it a new flavour dimension. Add on some cheese, fresh coriander, lime and pico de gallo and you're in for a real treat.

Tito Burritos keep things a bit closer to home with their Burrito Hyawatta, where beef is met with authentic grilled chorizo, alongside a supporting cast of rice, beans and a hearty cheddar sauce for an extra rich finish. Over at Fresh Burritos they do things differently.

It's all about customisation here, so you can build the burrito of your dreams. Meat, vegetables, cheese, salsa – you name it, you can change it.  So if you always feel short changed when it comes to the guacamole, or if you just can't stand beans in your burrito, then this is the place for you.

So if your mouth is watering at the thought of this spicy treat then don't panic. Simply head over to Deliveroo and check out the burrito options now.

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