With the fresh and exotic smells of cumin, turmeric and saffron emanating from this dish, it should come as no surprise that the Moroccan tagine is one of France's most popular restaurant dishes. Lamb especially has proved to be the most popular – not only does North Africa's most traditional meat create authenticity, but it also adds a sweetness to the dish like no other meat can.

Tagines in all shapes and sizes are served up across France – from Chez Hamadi in Paris and Les Saveurs De L'Atlas in Bordeaux through to Ksar in Lyon.

It's all in the pot

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If you're on the hunt for an authentic tagine, you'll find its origins date back centuries to North Africa and the Middle East. In Persian, tajine means 'large pot' while the Arabic version is known as maraq – 'broth', or qidra – 'cooking pot'.

Of course, you should be able to spot a tagine just walking through street markets, thanks to the distinctive pot it's cooked in. The shallow, round earthenware dish is covered with a conical lid while cooking. And they're commonly served up in markets and souks, as well as in restaurants that specialize in them.

A tale of two tagines

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The Moroccan tagine is the kind you'll have come across most often, whether in Morocco or elsewhere. Sliced meat, poultry or fish is slow-cooked with fresh vegetables, nuts and dried fruits, to produce a rich stew seasoned with local spices.

However, in Tunisia, you'll be surprised to find a quiche-like dish arrive at your table. Their tagine involves diced meat cooked with onions and local spices such as coriander, dried rosebuds, caraway seeds and cinnamon, bound with eggs and cooked in a pie dish. It starts as a stew, but quickly becomes more like a frittata.

Savoury stews

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The tagine is an example of rustic North African cuisine. If you're craving those classic Moroccan spices for your supper, Ksar specialise in comforting flavours. Our favourite is the slow-cooked lamb, topped off with sweet prunes and slivers of grilled almond.

Chez Hamadi know how to make great tagine too, pairing their lamb with aubergines or figs. But you can plump for fish if you'd rather have a taste of the ocean. And Les Saveurs De L'Atlas make sure nobody's left out, offering a filling vegetarian version alongside their lemony chicken and traditional Berber varieties.

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