Nowadays, you can find all sorts of crazy burgers, but you just can't beat a classic. Nothing quite compares to the succulent bacon cheese burger, a mouth-watering dish that always delivers. The folks at Big Fernand, Trend Burger & the Burger Club know a thing or two about cooking the perfect burger, each rustling up their own juicy version to hit the right note.

A legend is born

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The brainchild of a Californian fry-cook, American cheese was added to the classic hamburger in a moment of genius, and the cheeseburger was born. This simple addition kickstarted a trend, and so the humble hamburger became the base for loads of different, diverse toppings.

Combinations came and went, but the bacon cheeseburger is one that we've loved for a long time. We think it's down to the mixture of soft melted cheese and the salty crispy bacon, adding texture and complementary tastes to the standard tender beef patty.

Burgers have become a point of pride and invention for many chefs, but you'll still find these culinary creatives making magic with the same core building blocks – beef, bacon and cheese. Whether you opt for American, Swiss or French cheese,  streaky bacon or meatier back cuts, top it off with classic Dijon mustard or a smoky barbecue sauce, the bacon cheeseburger is always a hit.

Meet your match

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Sometimes you can't beat tradition, and for those times you need The Burger Club's New Yorker. Regionally sourced double beef steak is smothered in creamy double cheddar topped with crisp onions, gherkins and a special homemade sauce that ties it all together.

Trend Burger's Double Cheese is another tantalising dish that keeps things classic. Juicy beef steak patties with double cheddar crispy bacon and sweet caramelised onions are drizzled in a special house barbecue sauce for extra depth, all served on a classic toasted bun. Add some hand cut fries or crusty onion rings to take this dish to the next level.

For those of you who love our traditional cheeses, the Le Bartholome at Big Fernand is a true delight. The finest French beef is coated in a creamy raclette made with only premium raw dairy for a slighter harder texture. Served with sweet onions and a combination of homemade sauces, this dish adds an unmistakable Gallic stamp to the American favourite.

Feeling like a taste of American magic? Let Deliveroo bring you a bacon cheeseburger today.

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