Who says takeaway has to be bad for your health? It doesn't always have to be a classic dish like burgers or pizza – Deliveroo has all sorts of places offering up healthy alternatives.

So, if you're determined to stick to your new detox diet but can't afford the time in the kitchen, there's no need to fear – we've chosen top three French restaurant picks that should keep you focused on your nutritious lifestyle goals.

1. Jour

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Jour keep things seasonal, so that each ingredient has as many natural nutrients and vitamins in every bite as possible. They regularly change their menu's Salad of the Season to keep current with each time of year's produce.  

You can't go wrong with their Chicken Avocado salad, with Batavia lettuce, bite-sized cubes of chicken, cherry tomatoes, organic corn, avocados, roasted peppers, pickled red onions, all topped with their sweet chilli sauce. But if you're ready to cheat on your Whole30 plan, Jour also believes that a little bit of naughtiness is the key to a healthy mind and body. Try their sweet and sticky homemade pecan tart – complete with a flaky crust and caramel filling.

Where: Jour, various locations in Paris

2. Graine

The chefs at Graine specialise in Mediterranean cuisine, so you'll be able to order a wide variety of small plates with different tastes, textures, scents and spices – perfect for parties, especially if you have health-conscious friends coming over.

Aside from their traditional Greek salad, we love their signature couscous dishes, which include a variety of ingredients from fresh vegetables to succulent chicken strips and chunks of perfectly cooked beef. Just don't forget the side of homemade tzatziki.

Where: Graine – Cuisine Méditerranéenne, Paris 

3. Eat Salad

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It's all in the name with Eat Salad – they're adamant that salads can be just as exciting as other foods – and what's more, they're one of the healthiest options on Deliveroo. Using only the freshest ingredients in France, your salad will be completely unique, as you pick and choose every element of your dish.

Choose from a base of anything from iceberg lettuce to spinach shoots, or even rice or pasta; any choice of four ingredients including a wide selection of vegetables, cheeses, meat or fish. And the good news doesn't stop there, you get to choose your sauce too. Go for their very own Eat sauce, or opt for olive oil and lemon, pesto, honey mustard, ranch or olive oil and balsamic vinegar.

So, whether it's nutrient packed spinach topped with sweetcorn, or a mushroom medley finished with croutons for some crunch, have a look at their salad, dessert and beverage offerings.

Where: Eat Salad, locations in Bordeaux and Toulouse

If you're in need of a healthy lunch or want to get that detox started, Deliveroo is here to help you stay on track.

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