You're more likely to stumble across a Vietnamese or Japanese restaurant on the streets of Paris, but that doesn't mean we can resist a tantalising Thai curry. Whether it's Ban Thai's succulent beef, La Maison Thai's light green chicken or Thai Harmonie's massaman curry, let's take a look at what makes Thai curries – warming, comforting and fragrant – so incredibly addictive.

What makes Thai curry Thai?

India's spices have influenced many cuisines around Asia. And Thai food is no exception. In the 1800s, Thai cuisine started incorporating curry powders and spices into some dishes to flavour the meat, served with jasmine rice rather than basmati or flatbreads. As Thai curries developed, they split into two camps – the gentle green curry, and the fiery red curry.

Despite its foreign influences, Thai curry is still distinctly Thai. It's full of fresh, fragrant herbs and salty shrimp paste. There's coriander root, galangal and lemongrass as well as chillies. Many curries from central and southern Thailand rely on coconut milk to temper the heat. And then there's the cooking method – ingredients are added to a hot wok and flash-fried, giving a crunchy texture that contrasts with the soft rice on the side.

Red light, green light

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Thai green curries have green herbs like coriander and kaffir lime added, as well as creamy coconut milk and a smidge of palm sugar for a taste more aromatic than spicy. La Maison Thai's is a hearty and healthy example, bristling with fresh vegetables. Broccoli and mangetout garnish a creamy sauce simmering with aubergine, moist chicken and bamboo. 

But if you're looking to turn up the heat, try a red curry. Yes, red chillies do play a starring role. In traditional red curries, up to 20 chillies are thrown in to produce sizzling results, but today you'll find the curry tempered with chilli powder and diluted with tomatoes and coconut milk.

Ban Thai's red curry with beef is a perfectly meaty example of the style, with a nice balance of heat and flavour. Or if you'd prefer, go the fish route with Thai Harmonie's delicate Gambas Au Curry Chu-Chi – for a red curry, the sauce's spiciness is tempered with the addition of creamy coconut milk. Add in the succulently sweet juiciness of the prawns for a stunner of a dish.  

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