Whether you're in France for a whirlwind holiday or have lived your entire life in the Hexagon, sooner or later any meat eater must give into a craving for that bistro classic, steak frites.

And let's face it, if you're going to give into your need for steak frites, why not go one luxurious step further and enjoy it at home. We've rounded up some great options in Paris: Marty or Loup, as well as La Côte De Boeuf in Marseille for when the time calls.

Desert island dish

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With two such simple ingredients – beef and potatoes – much depends on the quality of the entrecote, how it's prepared, and the crispness to fluffiness ratio of your frites.

Marty's Bavette d'aloyau Black Angus – cooked up to order, blue to well done – comes with thick cut frites, their fluffy interiors ready to mop up the steak's juices. Pair this classic dish with a bottle of Château Naudin 2012 – a medium-bodied Bordeaux with rich, ripe fruity flavours perfect with beef.

French or Belgian?

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There's still a healthy debate going on over the exact origins of the dish, with both France and Belgium claiming to be the original inventors. It's a national topic, so much so that it was even covered by French cultural theorist Roland Barthes in his 1957 book Mythologies. Whoever thought it up, it was so popular that it quickly spread across the globe.

Various cultures have put their mark on the dish by adding their own popular sauces or marinades – like the vibrant Argentinean chimichurri sauce – but the essence of this meal has always stayed the same: the very best steak on offer coupled with a handful of deep fried fluffy frites.

Matchless pairing

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Loup has a rather romantic offering, Côte de bœuf grillée à la fleur de sel pour 2.

They have also decided that their house frites aren't enough, and offer a second type of potato-y goodness: gratin dauphinois. We can't decide which we like better, so we're thankful Loup has eliminated the need for debate.

And if you're in Marseille but want turf rather than surf, La Côte De Boeuf is an institution that has been around for decades – famous for their great cuts of beef and extensive wine list. Round out your meal at home with friends with a cheese or charcuterie board to start and a few bottles of wine to accompany.

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