You don't need to head out to have a romantic meal: just get the very best restaurant food brought to your door instead. And what could be more romantic than sharing? Share everything – including your dinner dishes. So for when the time calls for a night in with that special person, here's a few places to check out first.

1. Mezze a partager – Mezze duo, Mezzencore

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Mezze was always going to be romantic, all those small plates were thought up with sharing in mind. Scroll through Mezzencore's menu together and design your perfect feast, with choices of mezzes, salads, pieces and plats chauds. Round things out with a good bottle of wine and perhaps a few Baklawa Pistache for a sweet finish.

Where: Mezzencore, Paris

2.Côte de boeuf grillée à la fleur de sel pour 2, Loup

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Red meat for the red-blooded, a meal of perfectly cooked steak, frites, gratin dauphinois and red wine will take care of all your gastronomic passions. Loup also offers Formule 2 personnes, with steak au poivre du titi parisien, gratin dauphinois or cabillaud, mashed potatoes, bottled water and cheesecake from I Love L.A. Think you can handle it?

Where: Loup, Paris

3.Plateaux, My Terroir

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Charcuterie and cheese boards vary by region, but if you ask us the best platters have a bit of everything. Get little bits of all your favourite things, and a few unknown goodies that you're sure to love. Add in crisp salads, fresh baguette, beer, cider, wine or champagne. And everything is light enough to save room for their Moelleux au chocolat. We can't think of a better way to celebrate the end of the workday together.

Where: My Terroir, Paris

4. Plateau Royal 2 personnes, OK ! Brasserie

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We know seafood is great for celebrating special occasions, but it's particularly suited to date night – and you can't help but feel romantic when you have all this good food with none of the effort.

Order in a platter bursting with all sorts of awesome tastes of the sea, and make sure to dress them with a squeeze of sharp lemon. This one means you can woo your partner without even leaving the house.

Where: OK ! Brasserie, Bordeaux

5. Les Tapas, Iberica

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Spanish tapas – surprise your favourite person by loading your table with all the hits, like Patates Bravas, Champignons Sautées À L'Ail (but only if you're both having them), Croquetas De Jamon, Pan Con Tomate, a charcuterie board and some zesty Tarte Citron Meringue Suisse to keep things light.

Where: Iberica, Nice

6. Plateau 10, Yummy Sushi

Sushi is light, refreshing and has endless options, but you're never wrong to include salmon into the mix for a burst of feel-good brain food. Bite-sized pieces means you can pick and mix at will, so wave your chopsticks over a wide selection. Bonus points – you won't feel too stuffed afterwards for movie night.

Where: Yummy Sushi, Grenoble

7. La Grosse Bourriche, La Marée Jeanne

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Food and romance have always been closely linked but some foods have been credited with more power than others – and oysters contain rare amino acids that supposedly help get people in the mood for love. Whether that's true is anyone's guess, but tucking into oysters with your lover can be very romantic. It's a cliché for a reason guys.

Where: La Marée Jeanne, Paris  

Share a special night in with your lover, and Deliveroo. Check out our restaurant listings to find great sharing meals for two.

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