Over twenty years ago, you would've struggled to find very many sushi restaurants in any city outside Japan. Today however, those little raw fish and rice creations have made it all over the world.

Within the world of sushi there are countless variations of the dish, which is what makes it so exciting and full of reinvention. At Sushi Shop you're spoilt for choice with the assorted maki rolls, and Sushi Design stay true to their name with breathtakingly beautiful creations. And Yapan Sushi offers an inspiring menu that will make you want to order absolutely everything. In short – you're never far from great sushi.

Rolled up or inside-out?

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Traditionally, sushi is prepared using vinegary rice rolled with raw fish or seafood, as well as packing in all sorts vegetables. This is known as the Edo-style, which is the most common version you'd see in restaurants.

Another popular type of sushi is nigiri. Here, instead of the fish being rolled in rice, the fish is placed on top of the rice. It was invented by street stall vendors in Tokyo, and was popularised because of its portability.

From old traditions to new creations

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Sushi has been around for almost 2,000 years, and it was initially invented to be practical. It started in Southeast Asia, where the need to preserve fresh meat and fish spurred the idea of curing it and wrapping it in rice. This fermentation would keep the meat or fish for months, after which it was eaten without the rice.

This method became popular throughout China and Japan, where they would ferment the fish with rice wine or sake. It wasn't until the early 19th century that chefs began to use raw fish in their sushi – and its popularity has been growing ever since.

Rock 'n' rolls

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They say good things come in threes, but we think it comes in boxes. At Sushi Shop it's a crime to go hungry – and they prove this with their Super Mix box. Fresh salmon slices and buttery avocado sit snugly next to spicy tuna and American-inspired California rolls.

Some may think that sushi is just rice and fish – but those people are very wrong. Especially when talking about the innovative sushi being created at Sushi Design. Their seaweed sushi is vibrantly green, where the saltiness from the seaweed is balanced with the refreshing crunch from thin slice of cucumber surrounding it.

Blending local French cuisine with Japanese sushi, Yapan Sushi is breaking new ground. Take their Special Foie Gras Rolls for instance – rich chunks of foie gras are wrapped in fresh mesclun salad, sweet red onion chutney, grilled nutty almonds and sticky rice. Now that's fusion food we can all get behind.


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