Whether it's a romantic trip, a date with mates or just an excuse to head out of the office for an hour, brunch has a special place in our hearts. So if you're looking for somewhere to grab a post-breakfast, pre-lunch meal, we've got a few suggestions.

1. Acai bowl and pancakes, Bob's Kitchen

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Think brunch, and you think of fresh, organic produce served up with style. And Bob's Kitchen certainly delivers on those fronts with its innovative menu. If you can't choose between the breakfast options – and we wouldn't blame you – why not get two? Grab a half portion of their famous pancakes with bananas and blueberries, and have an acai bowl on the side with antioxidant berries and granola.

Where: Bob's Kitchen, Paris

2. Menu petit dej complet, Boulangerie Aixoise

Breakfast foods can be delightful – so why not make the most of brunch and eat multiple pastries in one sitting? Boulangerie Aixoise make all their Viennoiseries from scratch every day, baked on the premises to be fresh and crisp. Pick croissants, pain au chocolats, pain au raisins and more – because sometimes, there's nothing wrong with a classic pastry brunch.

Where: Boulangerie Aixoise, Marseille

3. Full English breakfast, English Country Kitchen

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On the other hand, why not fill up at brunch time? English Country Kitchen specialise in traditional British dishes, right down to the scones for a cream tea. The Full English Breakfast is served throughout the day, and it works great as a wholesome brunch. Get scrambled eggs, sausages, bacon, black pudding, hash browns, mushrooms and baked beans, and power through your plans for the afternoon.

Where: English Country Kitchen, Bordeaux

4. Deli Veggi, Bagel Corner

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Sometimes brunch comes down to keeping you fuelled throughout the day. A plump bagel stuffed full of meat, cheese and veggies can be just the ticket to stay full – especially the ones from Bagel Corner. The Deli Veggi is crammed with cream cheese, avocado, tomatoes, marinated peppers and plenty of salad for a refreshing, crispy finish.

Where: Bagel Corner, various locations

5. Menu brunch, Animal Kitchen

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Animal Kitchen make dishes from seasonal produce, so there's always a little bit of variation across the year. Grab the brunch menu for a full variety – a flaky pastry, a side spread with plenty of fresh bread, a sweet dessert, and interesting main course. We love the tacos with avocado-yuzu guacamole, served with trout egg and red shiso.

Where: Animal Kitchen, Paris

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