If you thought it wasn't possible to improve on pizza, then you haven't tried a calzone. Closely related to their flatter cousin – and originating from the same Neapolitan food revolution – calzone are plump, gooey, easy-to-eat folded versions of the Italian staple.

Calzone were originally created for an on-the-go snack. And, just like their flat friends, they come in every imaginable combination. Try traditional calzone from Maria Luisa, La Chandelle Pizza and Mozz Art Pizza for a different and unforgettable take on pizza.

Folded pizza on a plate

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Think of a calzone as a full-size pizza folded in half and crimped around the edges. It's baked, giving it a crisp, dry outside, which contrasts perfectly with the soft mix of ingredients inside.

Originally, Italian calzones didn't use tomato sauce, and were stuffed full of cheese and toppings. But as times changed, they introduced tomato sauce into the mix. Meanwhile, in America, calzone is served with a side of marinara sauce to dip it in – but of course, there are lots of versions that don't strictly stick to the rules.

Food for the busy

Calzone comes from the Italian word for trousers, referring to its original purpose of being an on-the-go meal. Calzone were designed to be easy to walk around with after all, and Italians still maintain it's the best kind of pizza to get for home delivery.

Biting through a layer of piping hot pizza dough on the outside into the warm filling is incredibly satisfying. Back in the 18th century, calzoni would have been much smaller as they were intended for a quick and easy meal for one person. Today, calzone are usually half-moons that span your dinner plate.

Pockets full of Italian sunshine

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First up, there's Mozz Art Pizza. They offer the classic calzone filling you'll find everywhere – mushrooms, ham and eggs – but with an extra dash of crème fraiche for lightness. Their other signature pizza pocket is their tuna version, which folds some niçoise salad ingredients into a doughy dome.

Maria Luisa make sure they make their calzones in a proper Italian fashion. Their four cheese calzone even forgoes tomato in the typical Neapolitan way, instead being full of mozzarella, taleggio, gorgonzola, and a special smoked mozzarella. If you fancy something different though, their salsiccia is stuffed with fennel sausage for a savoury kick.

La Chandelle Pizza have their own menu section devoted to calzone. Their Milano is a regional version, using cream as a sauce and adding fresh cherry tomatoes into the filling. There's also goats cheese, honey, ham and chicken in here for a salty and sweet inside with just a hint of carbonara.

If calzone have piqued your interest, order them online through Deliveroo.

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